Episode 08

Hi Friends and everyone in the Apparel and Print world. On today's episode of Spill The Tee, Guillermo and I talk to our friend, colleague and fellow Deconetwork user Emilia Musgrave, owner and founder of Oh Sweet Merch, a decorated apparel supplier of embroidery and print wear based in Perth, Australia. Emilia talks about how she got started in the industry, how she handles her day to day work life as a business owner, wife, mother and daughter. What I get out of listening to Emilia's story is her passion and desire along with her creativity to transition without looking back is what makes her successful. Plus hear her goals and plans for the future of Oh Sweet Merch. No matter where you are in your printing career, we can all learn from what Emilia has to say. I sure did. Thanks for listening and if you have any questions please write them in the comments. Also be sure to go to her website www.ohsweetmerch.com.au and follow OhSweetMerch on Instagram. Let's show Emilia some love.

Episode 07

Welcome to Spill The Tee, Where we get Behind the Seams in the Apparel Industry! Here we share information with each other and learn from each other. The Apparel Industry is King and we are here to talk about it. In this episode, we talk with the dynamic Mark Savant of MarkSavantMedia about how AI can Help Us with our Online Apparel Stores. We look at our very own MakeATeeOnline site using our DecoNetworkTV Deconetwork software. Keywords, SEO, Graphics...all the good stuff.

Visit Mark on his podcast called After Hours Entrepreneur. Look that up EnTEEPreneurs.

Thank you MarkSavant for taking time from your busy schedule to share with us such great information. Check him out and Let's All Continue to SPILL THE TEE

Episode 06

In this captivating Spill The Tee video, we get Behind The Seams of the Apparel Industry with Victor Pena, the owner of Omniprint International, a leading company in the field of Direct to Garment (DTG) and Direct to Film (DTF) equipment for the apparel industry. As the camera starts rolling, we get into Victor’s passion and knowledge about the industry he has thrived in for years.

Episode 05

👕🌈 Celebrate the Art of Expression: Above all, celebrate the incredible artistry and self-expression that our community has brought to life through our apparel. From custom designs to empowering messages, our journey is a canvas painted with the spirit of individuality. Join us in reliving the moments that made 2023 an unforgettable chapter in our apparel printing legacy! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share the creativity! 🚀👚

Episode 04

This hour long episode of Spill the Tee we get "behind the seams" with Zach Dewhurst from Deconetwork. Filmed live at the Printing United Show 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, Zach talks about all the benefits that shops all around the world have by integrating Deconetwork Software in their operations. Small or large, your print shop would benefit from the versatility and ease of Deconetwork. Personally we at MakeATeeOnline use Deconetwork software for our own business hub, our MakeATeeOnline webstore and almost 100 affiliate stores. We use the "Campaign" feature on a regular basis for pop up events, non-profits, artists and sports events. Listen to our hour long conversation and please feel free to comment with any questions!

Episode 03

This episode of Spill the TEE Guillermo and I talk with Brand Attorney and Expert L.A. Perkins! Spill the TEE is a podcast where we get behind the "seams" in the Apparel Industry. What a better way to find out the details about Brands, Can we Print them or Not? What happens and how to navigate the tricky Brand industry. What happens when your customer ask you to print something you know they don't own the right on. How to Protect Your Own Name too!! Here is your chance to listen to a Brand Protection Attorney first hand. We have her contact info below. Food for Thought? Leave it in the Comments and let us know what other questions you may have. Here are all of L.A's contacts....She welcomes your interest... Contact her at: Phone: 561-467-4001

Episode 02

This episode of Spill The Tee, featuring our guest Gabriel Sierralta of TKO Sales. This episode is the ultimate "Behind the Seams" video podcast dedicated to helping you unlock the power of screen print and DTF transfers for your business! Whether you're a small shop owner, an entrepreneur, or just someone intrigued by the art of custom printing, this podcast is your go-to resource. Join us as we dive deep into the world of print transfers, exploring techniques, tips, and trends that can elevate your brand and products. Gabe will share his knowledge and experience, guiding you through every step of the process – from design conception to the final printed masterpiece. Discover out how shops like yours can utilize TKO's products. Even if you print in house you will find TKO a great way to supplement your business.

Episode 01

The first episode of Spill the Tee we talk to Christine Geronimo the owner of Midnight Supply Company based out of Seattle, Washington. We talk to Christine about print methods, client culture and much more. Join us as we explore the apparel industry from fabric to printing to marketing.